Preparing Theoretically Grounded Professional Translators and Interpreters

 Your degree  from Illinois draws on the rich resources available across this world-class university to offer:

  • Faculty with expertise in many languages and a wealth of professional experience
  • A multilingual approach that integrates  theory with practice
  • Coursework that reflects the latest advances in the T & I profession
  • A state-of-the art interpreting facility with ISO standard booths.
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Block Reference
Benjamin Steel

Student testimonial: Benjamin Steel

"U of l's Translation and Interpreting program afforded me the opportunity to pursue graduate study in my chosen field without having to step away from my full-time job. As a language professional with 16 years of experience doing translation and language teaching, I found U of l's courses both practical and theoretically enriching. I continue to use the skills I've acquired in the program in my daily professional and personal life, to include my work as a language educator and translator for the non-profit sector."  - English, Hebrew, German, Urdu, Hindi, Pashto, Panjabi