Friday, Feb. 2, 4-5 pm CST

Interested in learning how to prepare your best admissions application? Register for our webinar on Friday, Feb. 2, 4-5 PM CST!

In this webinar, members of the TIS admissions team will share what we look for when we evaluate applications for admission. Whether you are already in the process of applying for the MA program in Translation and Interpreting Studies at UIUC, or just starting to think about it, this will be the right webinar to make your application stronger and the process easier. 

At Webinar II: Preparing Your Best Admissions Application (Friday, Feb. 2, 4-5 PM CST), we will share tips on how to 

1) Write strong and convincing Statements of Purpose in English and another language

2) Prepare for your admissions interview

3) Decide who might provide letters of support, and be sure they have  the information they need to highlight your strengths

4) Show off your skills and experience in your  resume/CV 

5) Prepare transcripts and when to send the official ones

6) Prepare and provide English proficiency test results

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at We’re looking forward to seeing you!