Our second alumni event of this year is coming soon! Please mark your calendars for Monday, Apr. 15, 2-4 pm CST. Please click HERE to register first. 

Three of our alumni will present this time: 

Fahd Alhathloul (MA, 2019, Arabic<>English) Vision, Venture, Victory: Transforming Ideas into Success

A journey from attending the TIS program to founding the Saudi Arabia Translation Association, embarking on a PhD, establishing a translation company, to becoming a key figure in the translation and interpretation industry in the Arabic world, alongside teaching and managing over 300 projects as an independent freelancer. Fahd will share his experience interpreting for top Royals across several Middle Eastern countries and creating a sustainable financial model that bridges academia, freelance work, and entrepreneurship.

Jacob Brown (MA, 2023, Spanish<>English) Uniting Education and Experience in the Interpreting Field

Jacob will talk about his background working as a freelance Spanish Interpreter, how the TIS program accelerated his understanding of the profession, and the merit of combing academia and practical interpreting experience. This journey through the translation and interpreting industry is what led him to founding a language services provider (LSP).

Audra Lincoln (MA, 2020, Japanese<>English) Translation and Technology

Audra will draw on their experience working as an in-house translator to describe the role technology plays in their duties. In addition to building awareness about the pros and cons of machine translation, the speaker will also touch briefly on the use of generative AI in their work and studies.